Friday, June 24, 2011

Miss Independent

At 19 months, Mia has decided that she's old enough to handle her own grooming, thank you very much. And most other aspects of her care, too.

These are the tasks she's ready to take over. My interference in any of these areas will not be tolerated.

  • Fingernail cutting and toenail cutting (as shown in this photo).
  • Deciding when and if to use her highchair. And climbing into and out of it at will.
  • Hairbrushing and the affixing of barrettes.
  • Clothing selection and dressing (as evidenced by her dress-on-dress combo, here.)
  • Face-wiping.
  • Tooth-brushing.
  • Dispensing of "bitees" (vitamins).
  • Feeding the cats.
  • Folding clothes.
  • Freeing herself from the horrible confinement of her diaper.
  • Reading bedtime stories.
  • Turning lights on and off (even--especially--when this means perching precariously on top of something to reach the switch).
  • Zipping and unzipping of jackets.

She would also like to handle all incoming and outgoing cell phone calls, faxing, putting stamps on letters, and writing with pens. Oh, and she doesn't need baths anymore. Those are for babies, mom. Sheesh.

Next, she'll be asking to drive and wear heels. Sigh. They grow up so fast.


Amy said...

I love it. Sounds a lot like Griffin starting about that age. Mia is so cute and just seems like such a fun little lady to be around.

Malia said...

Thanks Amy. She is (99% of the time). :) It's just so crazy when they suddenly change from "baby" into "little person."