Thursday, January 13, 2011

She bangs!

What a week we've had! Last Friday Bianca surprised me (actually, I think she surprised herself a bit, too) by snipping off a good portion of her hair at the hairline. I know--many, many kids do exactly the same thing at this age. It's sort of funny when it's another person's kid! But it's a bit different when it's your own beautiful baby holding the scissors.

It wasn't the actual haircut that bothered me, of course--she could be bald as a cueball and I'd still find her adorable. It was just sad for me because the result made HER sad. She kept brushing her hair and telling me she was changing it back and then she started crying when she realized that the hair was really gone. So, she got a haircut and a life lesson: sometimes our actions have consequences that we don't always like!

This photo really shows the damage. She wasn't messing around.

Cutting some new bangs to hide the damage. Luckily, she's a Jacobson with straight straight hair, which made things easier.

Her new look! She's back to her normal bubbly self and her bangs are really cute. I hope she doesn't try this trick again anytime soon though. (And all you moms of girls out there--just wait! Your turn is coming...) :)


Marisa said...

Oh gosh...cutting the hair...all little girls do it at some point:). At least her "do" was easy to cover up and turned out really cute:).

truf said...

You're right...she's cute no matter what!! Already had my turn...twice!! Piper took a huge chuck from the side of her head (not easy to cover up), and then she decided to sneak behind Laila the following week and take a slice from the back of Laila's hair. Gotta love little sisters!!