Saturday, January 15, 2011

No cats were harmed in the making of this video

This video is from a couple of weeks back (pre-haircut). Background: Bianca and our tiny cat, Sylvie, are more or less inseparable right now. Bianca totes her around the house and "Sylv" (as B calls her) doesn't seem to mind. B has never been maternal with her dolls, but she tells me that Sylv is her baby.

Usually, the cat-motherhood is pretty peaceful, but we still keep a close watch to be sure. Sylvie is so patient and puts up with a lot, so we have to make sure Bianca knows that she's actually a living thing, not a doll. This video is sort of B's "pledge" to be good to her little buddy.


Leah said...

LOVE this post! Drew has recently become very intrigued with Norman and Harper, our cats. In fact, they are sitting on either side of me while watching Drew play. One of our cats really watches after Drew but the other will have nothing to do with him. However, I think as Drew gets older he and Norman will be good buds.

Laura said...

It's precious how she says she's not going to "flat" her. That's something she's had to have done at least once before to have made up that term! Like - "oh yeah, flatting was not a good thing for her, that needs to be on the list." So glad Sylv won't be getting flatted again anytime soon! ;)