Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!

Hope everyone had a magical Christmas! We're discovering the magic of holidays with kids (We thought Christmas was fun when B was a baby, but wow! Christmas with kids who really get into it--like 3 and up--is a whole different story!)

Bianca woke up at 6am sharp. Steve talked her into staying in her room, but 15 minutes later we heard her knocking on her door, wailing "The clock is NEVER going to say 7!" I remember how hard it was to wait until Christmas morning when I was a kid. So I let her come out and take a peek at the tree and all the presents. :)

This is Christmas Eve, in their Christmas jammies. (These photos are out of order, sorry.)

Opening her dress up trunk. We were treated to fashion shows all day long!

Mia loves hats!


Mia's exact words: "Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese."

Beauty queen smile. She just never gets tired of hamming it up.

Giving a concert.

Every princess needs an iPhone! No, she didn't get one for Christmas--it's Aunt Laura's.

It was wonderful! But Christmas with kids is tiring. I think I need a holiday to recuperate from the holiday. :)


Williams Family said...

Malia your girls are just adorable! Seeing your blog makes me excited for Reagan to have a sister! I'm so glad your Christmas was super!

Kimberly said...

I hope none of my kids wake up that early on Christmas--Abs got up at nine for the day. :) The cheese plate looks sooo yummy and your girls are so dang cute!! I love all of Mia's teeth. .. it is so funny how different Abs and her have been with their milestones. Abs only has 3 teeth! Merry Christmas

Kora said...

The dress up trunk looks so fun. Love the pic of B in front of the tree!