Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoo Boo

On Saturday we enjoyed one of our fall traditions--Zoo Boo at the Point Defiance Zoo. It's a blast seeing all of the kiddos in costumes, and we had gorgeous weather.

Mia showing off her looooong spidery lashes.

The new Red Wolf habitat is really cool. We got to hear them howling, which is really unusual. It was eerie and cool--it made me feel like we were on the prairie, under a full moon.

See the penguin facing backward? That's the grumpy penguin. After a million trips to the zoo, I swear, that one is ALWAYS facing backward (you can tell them apart by their armbands).

There are three tigers in this pic! The tiger cubs are getting so big.

My butterfly and my caterpillar. :) While I was sewing Bianca's costume, it never occurred to me that a black-and-red butterfly would be mistaken for a ladybug. Oh, well. She didn't care. :)

A peacock was waiting for us at the minivan when we got back.


Laura L said...

They are so adorable here Malia! I love your little sweeties - can't wait to see you.

Marisa said...

I love the picture of the two girls together. They both look so cute in their costumes:).