Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good morning Halloween!

I love Halloween, and I love it even more when it's on a weekend. More time to relax, more time to indulge in candy and silliness.

Getting ready to carve our pumpkins last night.
Bianca told me she wanted a pumpkin with a "scary face". I asked her what that looked like--this is what she gave me.

It's Hello-ween! I started out thinking I wanted to do a regular cat pumpkin...but Steve suggested trying a Hello Kitty carving. This one had to be finished after the girls were in bed, so it was a surprise for Bianca this morning.

The rest of our pumpkin family. Bianca drew the face on the right on the pumpkin with marker, and I carved it. She also directed Steve's carving for the middle pumpkin. The one on the left is my creation (an attempt at the "scary face" that she wanted).

Halloween pancakes this morning! A lazy day is on the menu, followed by some trick-or-treat action tonight. Can't wait!

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Kora said...

Hey Malia! I finally got time to sit and catch up on the carved pumpkins and Halloween pancakes. Your guys' day/weekend sounds so fun. The Zoo Boo looks way too cute.