Wednesday, July 14, 2010

See ya on the flip!

I'll be offline (briefly) while we move a few miles up the road. Moving is all too familiar to us now, and practice does not make perfect. I'm getting worse at it the older I get. Having kids doesn't help.

Ever tried to move with a three-year-old underfoot? Don't! A monkey would be more helpful. She's a great UNpacker, though. That should come in handy over the next few days.

The house is still kind of a wreck, but slowly coming together. I'm a little overwhelmed at what we've gotten ourselves into. After living in our adorable rented bungalow for two years, extensively renovated and very much an "after", we're moving to a "before" that WE have to fix up OURSELVES. We've done it before and we can do it again, but it will be slow going with the kids around because we have such limited time for projects. Oh, yeah, and we also own another home too--landowners on both sides of the state. Good lord, it makes me dizzy. Responsibility. Does this mean we're grownups?

Back to packing! See ya soon!

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