Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, the inside of the house is slowly coming together and now the outside is too. Mom and Sarah spent the weekend here working in the yard, and I now have gorgeous dahlias, blueberry and raspberry bushes, lots of colorful annuals, yummy herbs, and a big window box full of lettuce!

We still have WAY too many trees. The previous owners loved trees enough to polka-dot the yard with them. Some I love, like the cherry tree. Others I'm gunning for (overgrown pine trees with tons of needles, I'm talking to YOU).

Theyelped Bianca plant pumpkins and squash. She's so proud and loves watering them every day.

Mia is so into her hammy grins. She loves to make me laugh.

No reason for the band aid on her head. She just wanted it. :)

Can't wait for our blooms and yummy veggies and berries. Thanks so much mom--it would have taken me ages to do this on my own!

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Kora said...

Who doesn't like a bandaid on their head? :) Can't wait to see the new place...congrats, again!