Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zoo Boo!

We had a great time at Point Defiance Zoo's annual Zoo Boo today! There were tons of kiddos in costumes, which was really fun to see. For the first time, we got to bring our own penguin to the zoo, and of course, she wanted to go and visit the real ones. I think the other kids were somewhat confused to see a "real" penguin (or something close to it!) at the penguin exhibit. B's accepted that the penguins at the zoo don't dance like the ones in Happy Feet (her favorite movie) but that didn't stop her from doing a few dance moves herself. :) She was a trooper and the weather was perfect for her fuzzy warm outfit.

It's definitely fall here with a chill in the air--perfect weather for football and snuggling under the covers with Daddy!

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