Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eighteen months of Mia

Popcorn and pigtails--toddlerhood is fun!

Where have the last 18 months gone? Miss Mia is a year-and-a-half old today. And I’m counting my blessings—we’re tired, we’re busy, life with two kids is incredibly demanding, but we know we lucked out with this little one.

(OK, I hate it when people say “Not to brag,” and then proceed to do exactly that. So, full disclosure: bragging ahead. Turn away if you must.)

Most families I know with two kids get thrown for a loop by their wild and crazy secondborn. Our experience was flipped—we had the spirited kid first. Mia is her perfect counterpart: sweet, laid-back, and just enough of a spitfire to hold her own. She can entertain herself for hours—HOURS—with a stack of books and a few dolls. Her rendition of “twinkle twinkle little star” could melt the most stalwart soul. Her baby-chatter is enchanting, and we’re hearing more and more “real” words every day. Her latest: SHOE, BOOK, BIANCA, THAT, KITTY, and THANK YOU.

She loves me, but daddy is her knight in shining armor. Daddy could be miles away at work, and she’ll still wail dadddddyyyyy, dadddddyyyyy like a damsel in distress every time someone (me) doesn’t do her bidding.

The word strangers use to describe her is calm: she’s so calm! So content! (They might use different words if they caught a glimpse of her protesting her carseat or a diaper change, but whatevs.) Most of the time, she IS calm and content. She’s just a happy little turkey who loves the world she lives in. And the world loves her right back.

Mia, every day, I’m so grateful that I get to be your mom. You’ve made the last 18 months better than I could have imagined. I hope you never stop surprising me. As much as I’d like to keep you this age forever, I’m willing to let you grow up, only because I cannot WAIT to see what’s next. Love you with all my heart, Mom

STATS: Next to our stringbean Bianca, Mia looks like an adorable little butterball to me. But those chubby cheek and thighs don’t add up to much: she’s only 20.5 lbs. At least she’s finally out of the 3rd percentile—she cracked the 5th! Whoo hoo!

Can this wait, Mom? I'm working!


Williams Family said...

love this me teary eyed. What a doll she is. My girls have all been in the 95% + for weight so I laughed when I read she's in the 5%!! What a little sweet heart. Keep the entries them.

Kora said...

Too cute :) me a little teary. Love the pic with her at the computer. She's probs setting up her own blog or something or at least getting some fbook in.