Friday, February 4, 2011

7 am dilemma

Parenthood is full of choices.

Like right now. I am 100% sure that I need to shower this morning in order to maintain my status as a healthy, semi-functional member of society. No getting around that one.

But I am also 100% positive that the minute I get in the shower, Bianca will go into her sister's bedroom, wake her up, and steal her coveted pacifier. And I will step out of the shower to the sounds of all hell breaking loose in my household.

Of course, I could choose to skip the shower and maintain peace and quiet on the home front. But then I would have to avoid mirrors (and people) for the rest of the day.

I didn't really expect to use my business school education in my role as a stay-at-home parent. But I find myself doing cost-benefit scenarios all the time. As in "the benefit of going to the store at 6 pm versus the cost of a giant supermarket meltdown," and "the benefit of allowing Bianca to wear her princess dress to the park versus the cost of having it shredded on the monkey bars."

Honestly, I doubt a CEO handles as many decisions in a day as I do. The sheer volume of choices flying at me every day is staggering. OK, a CEO's decisions might involve more people and more money than my choices between broccoli and chicken nuggets, but they undoubtedly involve less screaming.

I am going with shower/potential Armageddon. Pray for me.


Williams Family said...

good luck lady!! Gotta love the choices left to be made by the SAHM's of the world!!

Kimberly said...

oh the joys of children. :)
On the days I take a shower I usually MAKE myself get up before Abby is awake and even then I am worried she is going to wake up crying while I'm trying to enjoy my shower but she never has. . .never say never though. Even though I hate waking up that early I do love that I am clean w/ my hair dried and straightened AND I usually get time for coffee and some Today Show before she wakes up which is a treat since the second she wakes up its PBS or her music CD's for the rest of the morning...oh wait and chaos. :) gotta love it

Kimberly said...

oh crap, i think i pluralized CD's wrong--it should be CDs, shouldn't it? oops :)

Malia said...

:) Kimberly, I am sadly coming to the conclusion that I need to get up before either of the girls. I've been avoiding it because I feel that sleep is so precious and I need all that I can get. But I also need to shower, and I would love to drink a cup of coffee while it's still hot every once in a while. ;) So I'll probably be blogging about my new "getting up early" adventure soon.

Kora said...

That was an absolutely hilarious post :). Love it!

Leah said...

Wow, I can relate in so many ways! In fact, yesterday I took an extra long shower (since Mike was home), just because I could!!