Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Minton

Kora and Nick's wedding was amazing! Everyone looked gorgeous, the weather was great, and the food, flowers, and music rocked!

They look so great together!

Our flowers (by Kora's sister Kimberly) looked perfect with our chocolate brown J Crew dresses. They were so bright they almost glowed. Here my bouquet has a bit of a rogue flower, which Kimberly later fixed. :)

I love how happy they looked! Everyone was happy--it was the quickest wedding ceremony ever!

The mariachi band was such a festive touch. They just made you feel like you should be relaxing with a margarita. I'm now looking for excuses to book them. One of the girl's birthday parties, maybe? ;)

Steve and I at dinner. This was my first experience with professional makeup (Kora and I both had it done at the V Spa that afternoon) and I learned one lesson--never let a makeup artist use "illuminating" products if you're going to have photos taken because it's WAY too shiny. Other than that, I loved my look!
Giving some sugar.

Makin' it legal--whoopsie, we waited kinda late to get this done, but everything got signed and that's what matters. :)

What were Kora and I talking about? We'll never know.

Kora still looked beautiful at the end of the night! It was an honor to be a part of this gorgeous wedding and I'm so happy that my best friend is married off to a wonderful guy!
Cheers to you guys!


Kimberly said...

Loved these pics! As I look out at the massive rain, I can't believe that summery wedding was only a few weeks ago. Weather in WA.

Kora said...

Such good pics! Thank you for being a part of our looked fab!

Laura L said...
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Laura L said...

Arg, hope this comment goes though this time: Kora you look amazing! Hope everything was just how you'd planned. The flowers look awesome Kim. Love that you used all dahlias. Looks like it was a fun day!