Saturday, December 6, 2008

Party with a capital B!

We had B's family birthday party today. By the end, she was so hyper I thought I'd never get her to bed. Presents and cupcakes will do that to a girl! Luckily, she conked out as soon as our guests left. Oh, and Steve was at the party--just behind the camera most of the time!

I still CANNOT believe I have a full-fledged two-year-old on my hands! B, however, definitely knows she's a two--she refused to wear her skirt, her tiara, or her shoes (all specially picked by mommy for the party). This is a phase, right...then I get my agreeable baby back? Right?????? OK, don't tell me!

Thanks to everyone who shared this special day with us!
B's little fingers could not resist a swipe at the frosting.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!'s good!

Silly B with Aunt Kendra.


I'm noticing a theme!

Night nights...just a few more minutes with our new toys.

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Kora said...

Glad Bianca loves her new toys! Good seeing all you guys and fabulous cupcakes! :)